Jeff Campbell


Stop and Go

by Jeff Campbell

Released 2012
Sonic Zen
Released 2012
Sonic Zen
Memorable melodies and relatable lyrics delivered in broken down, believable performances by one of San Francisco's rising rock stars.
"Brilliantly written and delivered even better, takes me to the meat of a moment, and I loved being allowed in." -Ellen Hawkins, Relate Magazine

"The man's strongest album yet, with brilliant songs that showcase his trembly voice, acoustic guitar and dewy-eyed romanticism." -John Shelton Ivany

"With his acoustic pearl ‘Stop And Go’, Jeff convinces me of his ability as a great singer and songwriter. Two guitars, two voices… and after a first listening you’ll probably say … 'Oh My God, what kind of magic did I undergo here'.” -Alfons Maes - Keys and Chords- Belgium

"There's always a lot of debate as to which, if any, Bay Area artists could be destined for real fame. Folksy balladeer Jeff Campbell might be a good contender." -East Bay Express, Oakland, CA